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Student Shopping Tips

Look for produce that is in season, if you are not sure ask someone in the produce department. Farmers markets are often more affordable and are typically open weekends only.

The brain needs food so eating a little something for breakfast will give you a healthy start to your day. Smoothies take seconds, and with the Magic Bullet Mini you blend it right into the to go cup, so you can take it with you to class, and there is no messy clean up.

Think about what meals you know you want to be home for and how many. I recommend you shop for 3 main meals.

Use my weekly shopping list helper. This will save money and space in the fridge.

Weekly Shopping List Helper

3 fruits

2 green vegetables

1 salad vegetable

orange juice


milk or dairy alternative almonds milk

1 grain

1 cereal


meat and fish ½ lb per serving

A worth while purchase for a smoothie on the run.

Magic bullet mini $29.99

Need help figuring out what to make? Send me a photo of what's in the fridge.

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